The Pampered Princess

2015 Gift Voucher Princess Website

The Pampered Princess packages are special pampering gifts suitable for girls aged between 4-14

This special package comprises of three treatment, that can be purchased individually or as one special packaged.


Mini Princess Manicure (25 mins)

Bubble Hand Soak and massage, Nails are filed and polished.

 $  20.00 
Mini Princess Pedicure (25 mins)

Bubble foot soak and massage. Nails are filed and polished.

 $   20.00
Mini Princess Facial (30 mins)

Tropical facial cleanse, mask and tropical face cream to nourish and hydrate young skin.

 $   30.00
The Pampered Princess (80 mins)

Pamper your princess with the Mini Princess Manicure, Pedicure and Facial, and she receives a Princess gift to take home!

 $   60.00


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