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Aromaria is a proud stockists two amazing cosmeceutical skin care ranges, D’Vine Skin Care and Skinstitut



Skinstitut Cosmedicals contain proven technology that is clinically tested, with active ingredients to ensure the best possible skin care results. Skinstitut is Australia’s most effective cosmedical range that uses top-quality, potent and cutting edge ingredients from all over the world.  A Thorough consultation of your skin will be conducted, so that the correct skin care plan can be established and the correct prescription of Cosmedical products can be given to achieve the best skin care results.

Express Facial (45 minutes)  $         59.00
This treatment is great to begin caring for your skin or if you need a quick fix for dull, lacklustre skin.
Revitalising Treatment (60 minutes)  $         79.00
An intensive, revitalising cosmedical treatment designed to deep cleanse, decongest, purify and replenish tired skin.
Vitamin C Radiance Booster (60 minutes)  $         89.00
An illumination treatment packed with nourishing antioxidants and Vitamin C. Skin is hydrated,  firmer, smoother in texture and tone.



D'Vine 2

Thanks to d’vine skin care, a sneaky “Merlot” after dinner has taken on a new meaning! ALL d’vine products are named after wines and follow true “Vinotherapy” or “Wine Therapy” principles. Made using the finest wines from the Napa Valley and Sonoma County in California, the high antioxidant content in the wines eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. We now have a highly effective, pure, natural, paraben free, results driven cosmeceutical product line! Delivering all the antioxidant benefits of wine and grape extracts, directly to the skin to fight free radical damage, detoxify the skin, and strengthen capillaries while improving uneven colour and texture. Not only are the products effective, they are luxurious to use, scented only with delicious fruit extracts and essential oils and the packaging is stunning to boot – d’vine skin care really ticks ALL the boxes.

D’Vine Cabernet Detox Facial (60 minutes)  $         79.00
A purifying facial treatment that exfoliate/refines/hydrates the skin. Suitable for congestion, rough/uneven texture.
Lambrusco – Skin Fit for Men (60 minutes)  $         99.00
Back scrub to purify/relax, followed by detox facial to deep clean, exfoliation to refine & reduce ingrown hairs, a relaxing neck/scalp massage. Finish with purifying mask.
D’Vine Signature Facial (90 minutes)  $       129.00
A ultimate indulgent,  anti-aging, antioxidant rich, relaxing facial that excites the senses, exfoliates, brightens, firm, nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin.


Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. It improves uneven skin tone/texture, acne scarring, pigmentation, slows down the aging process by reducing fine lines. Leaves the skin smoother and rejuvenated


Microdermabrasion Facial (60 minutes)  $       95.00
Add Mini Micro to any facial (30 minutes)  $       45.00

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